Canada Post Alternatives

Chit Chats has been an alternative to Canada Post during the labour disputes. Many Canadians have started shipping with Chit Chats has the threat of service being disrupted by the possible looming strike.

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Canadian Business writes, “Canada Post doubts have spelled opportunity for its competitors. Canada Post has lost 75% of its parcel delivery business as labour disputes drag on.” Read the full article here.

They also offer alternatives to Canada Post as the potential strike or lockout would disrupt hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Read the full article here.

In July 2016 , Chit Chats was also featured on as a shipping alternative to Canada Post during the postal disruption. Even with the Canada Post disruption long over, Canadian online merchants are still joining the Chit Chats revolution in search of lower shipping fees and speeding up delivery of their Canadian products to domestic and international customers. Save up to 70% on shipping to the U.S. with Chit Chats which includes tracking and faster delivery at a fraction of the cost compared to Canada Post. Chit Chats helps Canadian e-commerce businesses compete on a level playing field in the global economy.

A potential Canada Post strike or lockout has left businesses scrambling for alternatives to their delivery and shipping needs. They’re turning to international carriers like FedEx and UPS, as well as to local businesses like Chit Chats, which specializes in shipping from Canada to the United States. “The influx of phone and email inquiries is up about 800 percent,” says President, Carly Wood, barely audible over the ringing phones in the family-run Markham, Ontario office. “It’s off the hook.”

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