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Canada Post Strike 2018

**Updated October 17, 2018

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has decided to give Canada Post strike notices, which mean they could begin strike action as early as midnight on Monday, October 22, 2018.

According to Canada Post’s press release Canada Post will remain open for business, continuing to operate if the union decides to conduct rotating strikes across the country next week.

“Canada Post will remain open for business, continuing to operate if the union decides to conduct rotating strikes across the country next week. We will notify customers of any disruptions planned by the union as soon as we are aware, however customers may experience some minor delays.”

Chit Chats will continue to monitor this closely as any disruptions planned by the union may impact our Chit Chats Canada Service as there would be delays with shipments using this service.

Businesses are urgently looking for shipping alternatives within Canada with the threat of a 2018 Canada Post strike. The strike could cripple many businesses that rely on the mail service to ship their products or pay suppliers.

FedEx and UPS are alternatives to Canada Post. However their shipping rates are higher than what most businesses can afford. In addition, Canada Post owns 91% of Purolator, which is one of the big reasons why it is at the negotiating table.

Chit Chats: Your shipping alternative

The shipping alternative that eBay just announced to all of their Canadian sellers is Chit Chats. Chit Chats has been helping Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses reduce their shipping costs by 50%-70%. It also lets you easily get estimates and create postage labels from the comfort of your own home.

Possible delays for shipments within Canada

Chit Chats does use Canada Post for shipments destined within Canada. Therefore if Canada Post does strike, there may be delays with any Canadian bound shipments. The team is currently working on a solution. We will provide updates on alternatives as soon as details are confirmed.

Chit Chats History

Understanding businesses and being able to help Canadians is part of Chit Chats mission. Chit Chats exists because Derek Nolan wanted to reduce the cost of shipping his books from Canada to the U.S. He realized he could drive across the border to the U.S. himself and ship his books to his customers at a fraction of the price with USPS. Before he knew it, other book sellers started paying him to take their books and Chit Chats was born. Derek Nolan saw the biggest pain point for many businesses was shipping costs. This made it difficult for many small businesses to compete in the e-commerce industry.

Chit Chats doesn’t just offer an option to Canada Post. It also levels the playing field. By shipping with us, businesses can expand into markets beyond Canad where they thought they could not compete.

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