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70% savings on US shipping from Canada.

Print discounted US postage in Canada and we’ll courier your parcels across the border, taking care of customs and making daily drop-offs to USPS. Save BIG on postage with faster delivery times and tracking!

  Canada Post Chit Chats
2.99 oz(85 g)
Save 73%
7.05 oz(200 g)
Save 73%
Shaker bottle
14.5 oz(412 g)
Save 66%
Delivery Time 2-9 days 4-10 days
* Postage price estimated in CAD. Taxes and tracking are included.

Why our customers choose us

Access the global marketplace and ship your parcels at incredible rates and do this from the
comfort of your home, office or one of our many branches across Canada.

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Amazing postage rates

Save up to 70% on postage rates for US, International and Canadian shipping. Do this from your home, office or one of our branches.

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Streamlined manifest

Our platform processes your parcels so that we can deliver them seamlessly across the border. Send up to $800 USD per address, tax and duty free.

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Save time and money

An all-in-solution to save you and your business time and lots of money so you can access the global marketplace.

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Convenient drop-offs & pick-ups

Choose from convenient drop-off locations across Canada or schedule a driver to come pick up your parcels.

Chit Chats is proud to bring our clients discounted shipping from these great companies.

Usps Canadapost Fedex Dhl Ups

It is hard for Canadian retailers to compete against US-based e-stores who benefit from lower US Postal Service costs and faster shipping times. Chit Chats helps level the playing field so Canadian e-tailers can fight the status quo and ship to the US more easily and at a much lower cost. We’ve become a one-stop cross-border shipping shop!

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