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Shipping internationally

Creating locally and want to ship globally?

Ship to countries worldwide with Chit Chats and expand your business worldwide.


  • Save up to 80% on shipping to different countries
  • Full tracking options available
  • Chit Chats Insurance
  National Carrier
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4 oz (113 g) $37.74 $11.82
69% OFF
15 oz (425 g) $62.60 $15.08
76% OFF
2 lb (1 kg) $78.90 $20.43
74% OFF
Tracking Included Included
Estimated delivery time 6-10 business days 7-15 business days

Chit Chats partners with Asendia & USPS for international shipping.
Prices are in CAD.
Rates subject to change and Dimensional weight may apply.
Delivery times are estimated. Exceptions apply.

Prohibited and restricted items

There are several items we cannot ship to the U.S. from alcohol, batteries, chocolate, to weapons.
View full list of prohibited items

Want to grow a global marketplace?

  • Hesitant to offer international shipping due to high costs and additional customs paperwork?
  • Worried that you won't be able to track international packages?
  • Increased customer inquiries on the status of their orders?

Chit Chats helps you solve these problems.

Ship worldwide and save with our international shipping rates. We do all the heavy lifting; no need for additional Customs paperwork.

Chit Chats partners with USPS and Asendia to offer a variety of international postage shipping options.

Gain access to low postage options all in one place

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Plus with our seamless integrations you can save time

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