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Canadian Shipping

Looking for a cost effective solution for shipping packages within Canada?

We've got you covered. Our competitive rates help you ship to any address in Canada.


  • Save 30-50% compared to national carriers
  • Full tracking
  • 2-8 business days delivery
  • Ship to any address in Canada
  • Liability insurance up to $100 CAD or Chit Chats Insurance
  • No surcharge fees for fuel or mailing tubes
  National Carrier Chit Chats
500g (1.1 lbs) $16.50 $9.10
44% OFF
1 kg (2 lbs) $17.41 $10.20
41% OFF
5 kg (11 lbs) $24.95 $19.00
24% OFF
Tracking Included Included
Delivery time 4-9 business days 2-8 business days*

* May depend on region. Delivery times are estimated.

Prohibited and restricted items

Shipments must meet carrier's mailability criteria.

Reference our article on carrier restrictions

Looking for a way to worry less about shipping in Canada?

  • Wondering how to offer cost effective shipping for your Canadian customers that live far away from you?
  • Upset with extra charges for special packaging?
  • Offsetting additional fuel surcharges out of your own pocket?
  • Increasing customer inquiries on the status of their orders?

Chit Chats helps you solve these problems.

No matter where it's going in Canada we offer an economical tracked option with no additional surcharges for fuel or packaging.

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