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If you can't get to one of our locations or live in a region with no Chit Chats, we offer discounted rates with Canpar. This convenient pickup service operated by Canpar helps you get your shipments to us.

Easily schedule a direct pickup with Canpar. Book through your Chit Chats account to access our discounted rates that can save you up to 53% compared to other first mile carriers.

Pickup from Weight Canpar Logo National carrier Savings
Alexandria 5 lb $10.92 $18.87 42%
Guelph 9 lb $13.14 $21.62 39%
London 13 lb $27.09 $36.31 25%
Kamloops 6 lb $10.14 $17.64 43%
White Rock 8 lb $12.21 $16.70 27%
Chilliwack 11 lb $16.86 $35.67 53%

How it works

Step 1

Buy and print postage and attach to your packages.

Step 2

If you have small packages consolidate them into a larger box.

Step 3

Schedule a pickup with Canpar from your account.

Step 4

Canpar picks up from your door and delivers to Chit Chats.

Step 5

Track your pickup on Canpar's website.

Find detailed instructions in our Help & Support.


Love it! It's great - easier and cheaper to use than Sprinter was.

Maps As Art

I live in Edmonton and I found it convenient and cheaper to ship to your drop off location using your third party pick-up service.


I'm delighted with it. This is simple to use and cheaper.


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Additional tips to help ensure your packages are processed without delays.

Batch shipments

When you drop off multiple shipments, make sure to consolidate your shipments into a box and create a batch label. Attach the batch label to the outside of your consolidated box. How do I batch?

Batching is mandatory when using our drop spots and recommended for ten or more shipments when dropping off at a branch.

It is the shipper's responsibility to ensure that the packages you drop off match what is included in your batch label.

Pack shipments well

Use appropriate packaging to reduce bending or breaking. Pack fragile items carefully and with extra padding. Visit the Chit Chats Supplies store for your region to find a wide selection of low-cost mailing products.

Properly attach labels

The postage label ensures your shipment gets to where it needs to go with proper tracking events. Make sure your postage label is applied to a flat surface, the ink is not faded or blurry and the label is not crinkled.

As a shipper, it is your responsibility to verify addresses are correct and not missing any important information. We recommend double checking the address on your labels and making sure the product description is detailed and accurate.

Don't forget invoices

An invoice is mandatory for all gifts, any shipments valued at $300 USD or more and any collectibles. The invoice should be attached to the outside of the package.

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