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How it works

Learn how Chit Chats can be your shipping alternative and help you save money while you grow your business.

How it works video

Journey of Packages with Chit Chats

Sell your products online

Integrate your store with your Chit Chats account to streamline your shipping

Pay for Shipment and print labels from your Chit Chats account

How to get your shipments to Chit Chats

Drop Off shipments at a branch or drop spot


Mail-in / Courier your shipments to a branch


Request a Pick Up from Chit Chats

Chit Chats sorts your shipments

Packages are then handed off to shipping carriers in the U.S., Canada or internationally

Shipping to U.S.

USPS UPS mail innovations UPS FedEx Ground
  • Chit Chats drives across the border and drops off your packages at our carrier partners: USPS, UPS Mail Innovations, UPS and FedEx
  • These carrier partners will deliver to your customers

Shipping within Canada

Canada Post
  • Chit Chats processes Canadian shipments and hands off to Canada Post
  • Canada Post delivers packages to your customers

Shipping Internationally

  • Chit Chats drives across the border and drops off packages at our carrier partners, USPS & Asendia, while Chit Chats International Standard packages are processed in Canada
  • USPS, Asendia and Chit Chats will hand off to local postal authorities in the destination country for delivery to your customers

Start saving with Chit Chats today

No hidden monthly fees. Unbeatable prices. 10 million parcels delivered.

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