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Pricing and Payments

All rates in Chit Chats are in CAD - the low U.S. postage rates (USPS, Asendia, UPS Mail Innovations have been converted based on the daily exchange rate of the Bank of Montreal.

You can add credits to your account with your credit card, no additional service charges apply. If you want to pay cash or debit visit your closest branch and let one of our client service representatives help.

You can easily set up automatic reload to your account so you never have to worry about delays with receiving your shipments due to insufficient funds.

Delivery fees are deducted when you pay for your shipment.

Access an overview of all your transactions (credits, refunds, postage, delivery fees and additional charges for supplies and services) in your Settings under Credits & Billing.

Paperwork required

No, everything is automatically pulled from the description entered in the shipment details. Please be as detailed and accurate when describing what you are shipping. For example: one t-shirt rather than clothes.

An invoice must be provided for all high value shipments with $300 USD retail value or more, as well as any Amazon FBA destined shipments. Ensure to either attach to your shipment or hand it to a client service representative at a branch when shipments are dropped off.

Prohibited items and restrictions

We are able to take shipments $800 USD retail value or less and provided they are not a prohibited item. There are some items we cannot ship to the U.S., like alcohol, batteries, chocolate to weapons. View full list of prohibited items.

Shipping carriers (i.e. Canada Post, USPS, UPS Mail Innovations, Asendia) employ different transportation methods when delivering shipments which means shipping restrictions vary by carrier. It is the shipper's responsibility to adhere to these restrictions. Learn more here.


If you need tracking for flat or thick envelopes under 1 lb make sure to select Thick Envelope as package type.

Of course! You can easily track all your shipments in your shipment profile.

Share our public tracking page with your customers so they can check the status of their package on their own. Provide them with the Chit Chats Shipment ID number or the carrier tracking number located in your shipment details.


Weight limits are dependent on the shipping carrier used to ship packages. For example, USPS First Class service applies only to shipments under 1 lb while USPS Priority Mail has a maximum weight of 70 lbs. Learn more here.

You can easily print postage labels from your computer (regular printer) or set up a ZPL thermal printer. If you want to print postage labels through a regular printer simply select 'Download' and a pdf file will be generated which you can easily print off. To set up a ZPL therma printer follow the instructions on our Help & Support guide.

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