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About Chit Chats

We take care of all your shipping needs.

Since 2001, Chit Chats has been helping many Canadian small and large businesses grow their businesses by substantially reducing their shipping costs by as much as 70%.

Our founder, Derek Nolan, started couriering his book orders across the border because shipping from Canada was just too expensive. Other bookstores and e-commerce stores asked him to help ship their orders too and today, Chit Chats helps many small and medium size businesses be competitive and viable.

Our mission is to deliver

Chit Chats is more than just a shipping company. We are online sellers with decades of experience and a vast knowledge of the ever changing online market. Our mission to deliver your parcels to anywhere in the world at the best rates and provide an innovative easy to use platform to fulfill all of your shipping and logistic needs so the world can access your goods.

Our bonded and insured vehicles deliver your parcels and letter mail directly to the United States Postal Service and United States UPS and FedEx daily. Now you too can take advantage of US postage rates from Canada, as if you were in the US! We aim to be your one stop shipping shop!

Our Nolan Promise

To deliver and make Canadian commerce borderless, seamless and boundless so you can deliver your goods to the world.