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Track your shipment

E.g. AB1234C5D6

You may also search by recipient name or destination postal code for Chit Chats Canada Tracked.

Where can I find my Chit Chats tracking code?

Chit Chats tracking codes are made up of a combination of 10 letters and numbers. E.g. AB1234C5D6

On your shipment label:

On Chit Chats label, your tracking code is located underneath the Chit Chats logo. On other carrier labels, your tracking code is located to the right of the "Chit Chats" title.

In your Chit Chats account:

Click on a shipment and find the tracking code in the top of the right column where shipment details are shown. You can also click "Tracking History" from there and view all the tracking updates internally.