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Track your shipment

E.g. AB1234C5D6

Where can I find my Chit Chats shipment ID?

Chit Chats shipment IDs are made up of a combination of 10 letters and numbers. E.g. AB1234C5D6

On your shipment label:

On Chit Chats label, your shipment ID is located underneath the Chit Chats logo. On other carrier labels, your shipment ID is located to the right of the "Chit Chats" title.

In your Chit Chats account:

Click on a shipment and find the shipment ID in the top of the right column where shipment details are shown. You can also click "Tracking History" from there and view all the tracking updates internally.

Tracking Support

Check the expected delivery as delivery times are estimated and are not guaranteed. If you still have not received your shipment within the estimated delivery time we recommend contacting the seller directly.

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Shipments can be tracked using Chit Chats tracking or carrier tracking. A carrier tracking number is supplied by our partner carriers to provide updates on the status of a shipment. Depending on the service used to ship your package, tracking may be full or partial.

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Expected delivery is how many business days are expected for the shipment to be delivered. This is not guaranteed and estimated in business days. Depending on the destination customs delays or other unexpected delays can impact delivery.

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A shipment may go through many states before being delivered. Learn what each tracking status means.

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Delayed, Lost or Damaged Package

If you are concerned about delays, damage or lost items, it's best to contact the seller for more information.

When the carrier attempts delivery and the recipient is unavailable, a notice to collect the shipment from a local post office or pickup point may be left. In this case, please contact the carrier directly for more information.