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Chit Chats Insurance

Gain peace of mind with Chit Chats so you can worry about more important things. Protect your packages with our low cost full coverage insurance.


  • Protect your packages against loss or damage starting as low as $0.49
  • Fast and hassle-free claims process within 7-10 business days

We wanted to bring the same savings you get when you ship with our incredible rates to our insurance program.

Chit Chats has partnered with U-PIC, a leader in third party parcel insurance to cover against any loss or damage and provide an easy and quick claims process.

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Location Globally Canada US US
Insure $100 $0.49 CAD
SAVE up to 86%
$2.50 CAD $3.21 CAD $3.65 CAD
Insure $300 $2.45 CAD
SAVE up to 67%
$7.50 CAD $5.35 CAD $6.08 CAD

All postage purchased through Chit Chats is, by default, opted into $100 USD loss or damage coverage for just $0.49 CAD.

Additional coverage can be added for $0.98 CAD per $100 USD. Some postage types are not eligible for this service.

Insure your packages for a low cost so you can focus on more important things. Learn more about Chit Chats Insurance in our Help & Support.

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