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How Chit Chats Works

Click the arrows to follow a package from sale to delivery.

Sell your products online.

Import your shipments into our platform.

We offer integrations with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, ShipStation, Etsy, Squarespace and more.

Buy & Print postage from your account.

Print your postage labels on a desktop or thermal label printer. We recommend ZPL Zebra printers.

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Get your shipments to Chit Chats

Chit Chats receives your shipments

Packages are processed and sorted. Then we hand off your packages to our partner carriers who will handle delivery to your customer.

Shipping to U.S.


Chit Chats clears customs and hands off packages to our partner carrier. For U.S. bound shipments our partner carrier is USPS who handles the final delivery to your customer

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Shipping within Canada

Chit Chats processes your Canadian packages and hands them off to our partners for delivery to your customer. We use a variety of partners for Canadian shipments depending on the service selected.

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Shipping Internationally

USPS Asendia logo

Chit Chats clears customs and hands off packages to USPS or Asendia, our partner carriers for international shipments. Packages are transported by our partner carriers to the destination country where the final delivery is handled by the local postal authority.

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Check to see if your products are shippable

Shipments cannot exceed USD $800 retail value.

This means any package(s) being shipped to the same address on the same day cannot exceed a retail value of USD $800.

  • Food and beverages (including candy, tea, coffee)
  • Medical Devices
  • Medicine (prescription and non-prescription)
  • Cannabis, narcotics or drugs of any kind
  • Dietary supplements
  • Glasses/Eyewear (prescription and non-prescription)
  • Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind
  • Plant matter (including seeds)
  • Chemicals, hazardous materials or combustibles
  • Knockoffs (products that violate copyright laws)
  • Human remains (including ashes and hair)
  • Animals

Drop off

After you print your postage labels get your packages to a Chit Chats location.

Learn how to organize and prepare your shipments for drop off at a Chit Chats branch or a drop spot.

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If you can't get to one of our locations or live in a region with no Chit Chats, we offer discounted rates with Canpar. This convenient pickup service operated by Canpar helps you get your shipments to us.

Easily schedule a direct pickup with Canpar. Book through your Chit Chats account to access our discounted rates that can save you up to 53% compared to other first mile carriers.

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While we aren't in every city yet, take advantage of our fully tracked, low-cost rates by mailing in your shipments to a Chit Chats hub using a carrier of your choice.

We know sellers live all across Canada and if there is no Chit Chats in your region or you live in a remote area, you can still save by mailing in packages directly to a Chit Chats branch.

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