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How to Track International Shipments

Shipment tracking provides visibility on where your package is along its transit. With full tracking you can monitor the journey from when Chit Chats accepts it to when your customer receives it. In this post we’ll be going over how to track international shipments.

Let’s start by reviewing the types of international shipping available with Chit Chats and understanding the different types of tracking available with these services.

International shipping options

Chit Chats offers international shipping with the following services:

  • USPS First Class Package or Priority Mail International
    • Depending on the destination country the package will be fully or partially tracked
  • Asendia Priority Tracked
    • Fully tracked to select countries (*partially tracked to Norway)

Tracking types

  • Partially tracked
    • Tracking will not include delivery confirmation and may only offer to track events for a portion of the shipment’s journey
  • Fully tracked
    • Tracking end to end with delivery confirmation
  • Non tracked
    • No tracking for the shipment and no delivery confirmation

How international shipping works

International shipments involve many carriers as shipments move through different shipping networks to get to the final destination.


Asendia expedites international packages within the U.S. and has partnered with local carriers in the destination country for the final leg of delivery. By tapping into their vast international network the results are quick and reliable. 


USPS uses its logistics network in the U.S. to get your package to international sorting centers and then sorted to be sent to the destination country.

For example, if you are shipping to Germany with USPS First Class Package International here is the journey your package would take:

  • Buy and print postage from your Chit Chats account (i.e. USPS First Class Package International postage addressed to your customer in Germany). Don’t forget to correctly format international addresses.
  • Then drop off the package at Chit Chats
  • After Chit Chats receives the package it hands off to USPS in the U.S.
  • USPS inducts the package and it moves through their U.S. network to the final processing point in the U.S. before getting on a plane to Germany
  • Your package lands in Germany and must clear German customs
  • After customs clearance, your package is handed off to the postal authority in Germany, Deutsche Post
  • Finally, Deutsche Post handles the final delivery to your customer

Ways to track international packages

The tracking from USPS and other international carriers will usually provide full visibility to your customer from their tracking page. However, this can change with the destination country.

Sometimes the postal authority in the destination country does not transmit updates back to the carrier (i.e. USPS). In these cases, you may have the option to track the shipment through the destination country’s postal authority using the carrier tracking number. For instance, in the example above you could use the USPS tracking number to find updates on Deutsche Post’s tracking page.

Also, it is sometimes possible to get more updated tracking by using the destination country’s postal service online tracking if the package has entered the country. Reference: List from Wikipedia of National Postal Services.

  1. Track the shipment through Chit Chats tracking page using Chit Chats’ shipment ID or the carrier tracking number
  2. Track the shipment through the partner carrier’s tracking page using the carrier’s tracking number
  3. Track the shipment through the destination country’s tracking page
    • Find the destination country’s postal authority and use the carrier’s tracking number to search for updates
    • For instance, some example postal authorities are:

Read more about how to track international shipments in our Help & Support.