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Chit Chats Helps Canadian Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Survive a Postal Strike


As Canadian businesses scramble to deal with the looming possibility of a Canada Post strike and rising shipping costs, Chit Chats — an enterprising, cross-Canada business that began as a family-run startup — is ready to help Canadian e-commerce businesses survive, thrive and keep deliveries to customers on-track.

For more than 15 years, Chit Chats has been delivering mail and packages across the border to the US Postal Service for thousands of businesses. Chit Chats’ truck fleets transport thousands of parcels and mail (valued at $800 USD or less) every day from its many locations across Canada.  The company recently launched a new innovative online integrated mail and shipping services platform, just in time to help business owners who are faced with the possibility of a Canada Post strike.

Chit Chats Integrated Mail and Shipping Platform Helps Businesses Take Control and Avoid Being Left in the Postal Lurch

“While Canada Post has been trying to avoid a strike or lockout, it’s getting down to the wire,” says Chit Chats President Carly Wood.  “The good news is that it’s quick and easy to sign-up online for Chit Chats new innovative mail and shipping services platform, that streamlines every aspect of the sales, shipping, delivery and tracking process,” she explains.  According to Wood, the new Chit Chats shipping platform integrates seamlessly with Etsy and other online shopping carts, so online entrepreneurs can cope with a possible strike, without skipping a beat.

Wood estimates that, since news of a possible Canada Post strike began circulating, they’ve seen a 40% increase in new accounts as panicked business owners prepare for the worst and look for alternate solutions.  As an added bonus, Wood says Chit Chats typically delivers savings of over 70% compared to traditional shipping methods – and even delivers most packages an average 30% faster. 

For more information and to register online for Chit Chats integrated mail and shipping platform, visit chitchats.com. To learn more about the Chit Chats story and hear how Chit Chats helps small business customers, watch this short video.

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