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Can Businesses Grow Due to Canada Post’s Looming Strike?

If Canada Post goes on strike, can it help Canadian small businesses grow instead of stop business?

Businesses are urgently looking for shipping alternatives within Canada and internationally, in case Canada Post’s strike escalates from the rotating strikes starting Monday. Shipping is one of the top three reasons why a business succeeds or fails, especially e-Commerce.

Should a disruption occur with Canada Post, many Canadian businesses will be scrambling desperately to find an alternative solution. FedEx and UPS are well known alternatives but their shipping rates will be higher than what most businesses can afford. There are other alternatives like Purolator, which 91% owned by Canada Post and one of the big reasons Canada Post is on the negotiating table.

However, the shipping alternative that eBay just announced to all of their Canadian sellers today is Chit Chats Express, fondly known as Chit Chats. Chit Chats has been helping Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses reduce their shipping costs by 50%-70%.

In the face of the 2011 Canada Post strike, Chit Chats’ growth catapulted in Toronto and it has not looked back since. In the potential 2016 Canada Post strike, it had just launched in Vancouver and grew manifold yet again. Now with another looming strike, Chit Chats is about to launch in Calgary and has expanded its service in Montreal, which it launched last year. With each Canada Post strike, Chit Chats has helped thousands of small businesses grow, turning potential problems into an unanticipated growth opportunity for those who discover Chit Chats. It’s already experienced 4x the usual signups.

If you would like to find out more about Chit Chats and how we can help the 1.1 million small businesses in Canada with shipping, please feel free to reach out to our team.

We have spokespersons available in the East and West Coast for live interview and questionnaires and anything else you may need.