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Best Practices for Holiday Shipping

It’s officially that time of year again! Black Friday and holiday shipping can be an intense experience compared to the rest of the year. Online businesses experience high volumes of sales and on top of that, most customers expect packages to arrive by December 25.

Chit Chats helps businesses offer cheap shipping to the U.S. and worldwide but it’s important to keep in mind best practices to prevent any delays or hiccups when shipping. To ensure a smooth experience and get your shipments delivered on time read our tips below!

Package Processing

We’ve listed the most critical things you should be doing to ensure that your packages are processed without delays to help you get through the holiday rush.


  • If you have multiple shipments that will be dropped off be sure to create a batch label
  • Due to Black Friday and holiday shipping, package volumes are high and batching shipments speeds up processing
  • The batch label provides a quick way for you to verify your piece count before dropping off your packages


  • The condition of your shipping label is crucial as the bar code is used to provide tracking status updates
  • Labels must be legible otherwise tracking updates may be missed or packages may even be delayed
  • Take the time to make sure your labels are on flat surfaces, clearly printed and not faded
Examples of illegible shipping labels: faded, wrinkled, torn.


  • Holidays usually means an abundance of chocolate, cookies and candy but remember, food of any kind cannot be shipped with Chit Chats when shipping to the U.S. or internationally
  • Need a refresher on what can and cannot be shipped? Review our Help & Support articles on prohibited items and our Shipment Compliance Declaration


  • Providing complete and accurate descriptions is extremely important, especially for U.S. bound shipments
    • Avoid generic and vague descriptions as this can delay your package until an accurate description is provided
  • Double check your scales and measure your packages accurately to avoid any unexpected costs

Other Ways to Save Time

Want to spend less time on shipping and more time with family or friends? Consider these options:

Third Party Courier Pickups

  • If you can’t get to a branch or drop spot, our third party courier pickups can come to the rescue!
  • Easily schedule a pickup from your location with pickup fees on average 44% cheaper than national carriers
    • For example a consolidated box of 5 lbs from Alexandria, ON to our Chit Chats branch 46% cheaper and on average only adds a $1 to your orders (based on 15+ orders)

Get to branches early

  • Our branches tend to get busy near the end of the day
  • Drop off shipments before noon to avoid the end of day rush or schedule a third party courier pickup instead


  • Don’t waste time and money on over-packaging
  • The better your box or envelope fits your product the less it will cost you in postage and time
  • Use the correct packaging to avoid any held shipments

Chit Chats is here to help you get through the holiday madness. Reach out to one of our friendly branch staff or get in touch with our support team today.