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Compliance: Detailed Shipment Descriptions

Compliance with shipping rules and regulations is a top priority at Chit Chats. We want to remind our clients of the importance of accurately providing shipment descriptions. Whether you enter your shipment manually or use the import feature, it’s important that shipment descriptions are always detailed and accurate.

Using vague shipment descriptions can result in packages being delayed. Remember it is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that descriptions accurately represent package contents along with the value, weight and dimensions.

Be precise

  • Your shipment descriptions are presented to customs officials. You should imagine describing your shipments as if you were declaring them to a border agent.
  • All items in your shipment, regardless of size or quantity, must be included in your description. Don’t be afraid if your description becomes a list!
  • Using vague or general descriptors like “accessories”, “product”, “merchandise”, “gift”, “custom order” or “item” can cause your shipment to be delayed until a detailed description is provided.
  • Describing an item by its model or colour is not enough. Try to include information about the item’s use and the materials used e.g. stainless steel necklace.
  • Short descriptions may seem efficient but they can cause confusion. Avoid abbreviations whenever possible.

Double check

  • Update your workflow to include a step to review your shipments. It’s good practice to double check the shipments you are dropping off to Chit Chats for accurate description, value, weight and dimensions.
  • It never hurts to check shipping labels to ensure no important information is missing e.g. apartment or building numbers.

Still unsure? Contact us

If you’re ever unsure on how to describe your shipment feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance. We’re always happy to help!