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Shipping Tips: Packaging and Labels

In order for your package to get to its destination safely, it’s important that you use the appropriate packaging and labeling. Here are some shipping tips for how to ensure that your shipment has both.


For international bound shipments, multiple carriers often handle your packages. Therefore, selecting packaging that protects your items is very important.

  • Choose strong outer packaging or packing material on the inside to minimize any bumps along the way.
  • Wrap items in bubble wrap prior to packing in a box to protect delicate products.

Find a box or envelope that fits your items well.

  • Carriers charge postage based on dimensions and weight so package items as small as possible and minimize empty space in your packaging.
  • Be accurate with weight and dimensions to prevent any postage adjustments or undeliverable packages.
  • A bubble mailer can be a good option instead of a box. You can reduce costs if your items can be safely shipped in this packaging. You can reduce your costs by safely shipping in your items in this packaging.

Use the correct type of packaging for your shipment.

  • USPS branded packaging can only be used with USPS postage. You cannot use USPS packaging if you ship using UPS MI or Asendia
  • Make sure to select the correct USPS flat rate postage when shipping in a USPS flat rate envelope or box.


Carriers process your packages using the unique barcode on your shipping label. Therefore it’s important that your postage label is legible.

  • Carrier scanning systems may not be able to read crinkled or faded postage labels
  • Don’t cover the bar code with tape. This can cause the ink to fade and impact scanning.
  • Place the bar code on a flat surface and not over the edge of the package.

Properly label your packages.

  • Place the shipping label with the recipient’s full address on the most visible side of the package away from any folds or seams.
  • Verify your shipping address is not missing any vital information. For example, the unit or apartment number.
  • Research shipping carriers guidelines for international address formats.


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