3 Helpful Resources to Keep you Updated this Holiday Season!

The holidays are coming in hot! Stay up to date on all our location updates by following along on our locations pages and our blog!

The holidays are known as the most wonderful time of the year! However, this joyous season is also known for inclement weather, poor road conditions and seasonal illnesses that can lead to shipment delays, location closures and more! While we can’t stop the snow from falling down, or the sniffles from being passed around, we can prepare you for all this season’s curve balls so you can plan ahead!

Delays to Shipments

Our Service Delays blog is a great resource to find more information on delays impacting your shipments. As the holidays draw near, many postage types experience seasonal delays related to inclement weather affecting transportations routes. To get the most out of our Service Delays blog, we recommend that you check back periodically throughout the holiday season so that you can stay up to date with current service issues and the popular postage types they impact. This way you can manage the expectations of your customers with the latest updates for their shipments.

Changes to our Locations and Operations

To keep you updated on the latest changes to our hours of operation or branch closures, we will post updates right here on the Chit Chats blog and on the locations listings on our website. While we regret having to make unexpected closures or changes to our branch schedule, we always aim to keep you informed of the latest information regarding the status of our branches. Our blog is where you will find the expected time or date for a return to our normal hours of operation as well as nearby branches and drop spots you can visit in the case of closures.

We recommend bookmarking the page for your region as we also share news of new locations, extended hours of operation and other notices related to your favourite branches.


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Getting More Details on our Locations

While our branches will always have their hours posted for your reference, during your visit you’ll also find a scannable QR code linking you to our locations pages. Should you ever arrive to find that your favourite branch is closed, scan this code to read the latest updates and alerts or to see our holiday schedule. 

Another great way to stay up to date on our hours or other happenings at our branches is browsing our Google listings. And while you’re there, we’d truly appreciate it if you shared your feedback by leaving us a review!