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Alberta: Location Updates

Update October 3

We’re updating our cut-off times at all of our Edmonton branches to offer our clients greater flexibility. Beginning today, Mon, Oct 3 we will be removing the cut-off times at our Edmonton Hub and Edmonton North West locations. Chit Chats Edmonton North East will also see an extended cut-off time, moving from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

With the update to our cut-off times, we now process shipments you drop off during branch hours at our Edmonton hub and Edmonton NW location or before 5:30 pm at Edmonton NE, same-day. We love being able to give you even more options for when you can ship and save! As a reminder, shipments are typically processed between 1-3 business days before receiving an acceptance scan from our partner carriers. For more information on our hours of operation please visit our locations page.

Due to COVID-19, delivery times can be expected to be delayed especially services to international countries. Find all the latest details in our partner carrier’s service updates blog post.

Branches & Drop Spots

Find the latest hours and address for all our branches and drop spots on our locations page.

If you are unable to visit a branch, here are some alternatives available for getting your shipments to us: