New Packaging Requirements for Your Shipments to Germany

On Jul 1, 2022, Germany introduced new standards to support more sustainable packaging practices.

In a step towards sustainability and reducing the waste produced by the shipping and logistics industry, the German government introduced new requirements for shipment packaging. 

Beginning July 1, 2022, all sellers of goods destined to Germany will be required to follow strict packaging guidelines for their shipments. This includes registering their business in the LUCID Packaging Register and in some cases, the seller needing to share this information with their electronic marketplace of choice. 

If you currently, or plan to ship to recipients in Germany, registering for LUCID is required. By doing so, sellers are able to provide assurance that all packing materials are recyclable under the new LUCID requirements. 

Sellers are also responsible for fees related to recycling the packing materials that enter the country. Please refer to this resource for more information on the new package requirements and for steps on how to register your business.

Impacts to your Chit Chats Shipments

There are no changes required for how you create and get your shipments to Chit Chats. You will not need to enter your LUCID ID when creating your postage, nor will you need to include it on the packaging for your shipments destined to Germany.

However, under the new requirements fulfillment service providers and electronic marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay, are required to verify that sellers are registered for the system. And a  failure to register may result in an inability to sell your goods to buyers in Germany. 

If you ship packages to Germany, we recommend registering for a LUCID ID as soon as possible to avoid interruptions. Researching the guidelines for sharing this ID with your online marketplace of choice is the next best step to ensuring your business is compliant with the new requirements. For additional assistance with registering and the requirements specific to your business, we recommend that you consult a business lawyer.