Returns vs. Imports

Navigating the logistic industry can come with its challenges and hidden costs. Learn the nuances between returns versus imports to avoid costly delays.

Chit Chats’ services are tailor-made so Canadian entrepreneurs can reach their customers both in the US and abroad. As part of those services, we not only transport shipments across the border and deliver them to our partner carriers, but we also manage the return shipments that arise from doing business in the U.S. 

Due to import regulations, Chit Chats is only able to manage the return of shipments that were originally sent with our service. For that reason, we are unable to process returns for shipments that you’ve sent with another carrier even if you’ve made use of our U.S. Return Address. Any shipment that we cannot identify with its original Chit Chats shipment ID is unsuitable for re-entry into Canada as a return and the handling of such shipments is outside of our scope of service. As a result, there may be administrative charges. 

To avoid additional charges or disruptions to your shipments, read on to find out the difference between returns managed by Chit Chats and imports that are not covered by our services.

Returns Managed by Chit Chats

Clients can choose to have Chit Chats manage their U.S. returns by making the selection in their returns settings and filling out a ‘Power of Attorney’ (POA) document for returns. The POA enables Chit Chats to bring returns back to Canada on your behalf and requires you to share your business number. Having return shipments managed by Chit Chats is a great option for those clients who do not have their own U.S. address to accept returns.

If return shipments are managed by Chit Chats, packages that are deemed undeliverable or are refused by the customer are sent back to our processing center. Once processed, they must clear Canadian Customs before being brought back into Canada.

Return fees for this service are applied directly to your account and are based on the shipment type. Clients can then follow the tracking updates as the package makes its way back to your Chit Chats branch or directly to your address depending on your selection. 

Please note that there is no return service available for Chit Chats International Tracked or Asendia shipments.

Imports not Managed by Chit Chats

While they may appear similar, return shipments and imports differ in how they cross international borders. With your returns, Chit Chats will have the original shipment records necessary for items returning to Canada whereas imports will not have such records. It is also important to note that at this time, Chit Chats does not offer services to import shipments into Canada from the U.S. 

We ask our clients to refrain from using our return address when importing shipments or  shipping items with another carrier. However, whether by accident or unknowingly, imports using Chit Chats’ U.S. return address arrive at our facility from time to time. This can pose a problem for your shipments.

If our Returns Team is able to identify one of your shipments, we will contact you to notify of the discrepancy. At that time, you will have 15 days to make arrangements to have the shipments sent back to Canada with a third party carrier. There may also be an administrative fee applied to your account for the additional processing required. However, once 15 days have passed with no resolution, the package will be safely disposed of. 

To avoid administrative charges applied to your account, or packages potentially being disposed of, please make sure to only use the Chit Chats U.S. return address for shipments sent with our services.