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Chit Chats Slim: The Ideal Canadian Shipping Service For Lightweight Packages

Re-Introducing Chit Chats Slim

Chit Chats Slim is ideal for you lightweight packages that need to get to your customers across Canada, all with low rates in mind.

If you’re an entrepreneur that sells small, lightweight items such as jewelry, trading cards, comic books, art prints and other similar products this service will surely delight with Canada wide shipping starting at $4.29.

This service is specifically designed for shipments that can fit into thick envelopes, and the price can be significantly less than many other Canadian postage options. 

Read on to learn more about Chit Chats Slim!

What is Chit Chats Slim?

Chit Chats Slim is optimized for packets and lightweight packages that can fit into slim envelopes or courier bags weighing up to 10 oz. We’ve introduced new and exciting rates to make this option competitive and provide more savings to you! Find new flat rates based on weights no matter where you ship within Canada.

Chit Chats Slim shipments are partially tracked, meaning that when your shipment is delivered, there will be no tracking event to confirm delivery. However, your shipment will still receive Chit Chats tracking updates up until it is released to our delivery partner. Etsy, eBay, and other ecommerce platforms acknowledge the induction scan by Chit Chats Slim, which we know is a really important feature for our clients.

Chit Chats Slim is also eligible for up to $50 USD of Chit Chats Insurance coverage. Adding insurance right from your account is quick and easy because we know every minute counts around this busy holiday season!

Service Features

Maximum Weight & DimensionsDelivery Estimate Tracking Chit Chats Insurance
10 oz
12 in x 1 in x 9 in
3-9 business days Partially Tracked Eligible for up to $50 USD of coverage

To get started using Chit Chats Slim, begin by creating a shipment as you normally would and select ‘thick envelope’ as your package type. Rate options for Chit Chats Slim will be presented to you. 

For more information on Chit Chats Slim, including weight restrictions and postage limitations, visit our Help and Support centre

Building the Shipping Services of Tomorrow, Today

We’re innovating like never before to offer an extensive and dynamic collection of shipping services for Canadian entrepreneurs, and we’re just getting started! There has never been a better time to work with us. From cost-effective options like our Chit Chats Collect to Chit Chats Slim there is something for every ecommerce seller.

We want to empower you to ship the way that makes the most sense for your business. With this always top of mind for us, our team is constantly hard at work building fresh, forward-thinking, and low-cost shipping services to help your company grow and scale.  

Start Using Slim Today For Your Lightweight Packages

Interested in Slim and our other shipping services to cost-effectively reach your customers in the U.S., internationally, and across Canada? Sign up now to get $5 off your first shipment, and see how Chit Chats can work for your business. 

We always love to hear your thoughts on new postage options! Feel free to drop a line to our support team to share your feedback or ask some questions.