Chit Chats Tracking is Now Recognized by eBay!

Get fast and accurate shipping updates with Chit Chats tracking! Learn how this update will benefit your eBay Shipments.

Attention eBay Sellers, we have very exciting news to share with you regarding tracking for your shipments! As the busy holiday season is fast approaching, we have been working to finetune our services so that shipping with Chit Chats is as stress free as possible! That’s why we are pleased to announce that Chit Chats Tracking is now recognized by the popular ecommerce platform. 

We know how hard our eBay sellers work to maintain their seller levels, and performance standards. Often late or delayed acceptance scans can have a big impact on your eBay seller rating, and customer satisfaction. With this new update, eBay sellers can achieve a Top Rated Seller eBay status without being reliant on carrier tracking alone.

How it Works

With eBay recognizing Chit Chats tracking, your shipments will be marked as “shipped” once they receive their first scan at our branch. This means that you no longer need to await a carrier scan for eBay to mark your orders as shipped. 

What you’ll need to do is add the Chit Chats shipment ID to your orders in eBay to ensure that updates to your shipments flow back to your eBay store. We hope to automate this from the Chit Chats platform eBay integration in the coming months.

Additionally, with this update we hope that this change helps prevent penalties for delayed and missed scans with partner carriers.

Tracking Shipments

To find Chit Chats Tracking updates within your account, navigate to shipment and click on ‘Tracking History’ in the right sidebar. Your customers can view Chit Chats tracking on our tracking portal using the Chit Chats shipment ID.

To learn more about the benefits of Chit Chats Tracking visit our help and support page. Or, feel free to connect with our client support team for assistance.