Key Factors To Enhance Customer Experience

Delivery updates and tracking helps provide a complete picture to your customer on the status of their order. Learn how to enahnce your customer’s experience with these tips.

Today’s average customer has high standards for product deliveries. They can get just about anything shipped straight to their doors, and they expect it to arrive as soon as possible. That’s why small businesses need shipping solutions that provide tracking and delivery confirmation where possible.

Understand the key benefits for your business and customers when providing tracking information from Chit Chats.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

It’s always best to view things from the customer’s perspective. According to the 2021 Canadian Online Shopper study from Canada Post, 58% of surveyed customers said that speed of delivery was the biggest difference maker when deciding which retailer to buy from. Shipping costs, free returns and estimated times of arrival (ETAs) were other influential factors.

In other words, customers place a high value on timely and accurate deliveries. Here’s how your business can improve customer satisfaction with tracking updates.

1. Greater Visibility

Providing tracking information creates greater visibility along the shipment’s journey. Buyers can track their shipment from the moment Chit Chats receives the shipment to delivery.  Using the unique shipment ID, they can follow any updates by entering the tracking number on Chit Chats tracking page. This level of transparency gives customers great peace of mind and builds more trust between the two parties.

Chit Chats tracking page provides updates from the moment the shipment is received at one its locations. Every parcel is identified by a unique shipment ID. Customers can enter their shipment ID into the tracking page to easily follow along the transit of their package. Tracking information is updated along a shipment’s journey starting with the moment it is processed and received at one of Chit Chats locations.

2. Estimated Delivery Times

In addition to tracking updates, estimated delivery times help customers plan ahead for their orders. Delivery times are always estimated in business days and don’t include weekends or holidays. This information is crucial to manage customer expectations as often people want to know when to expect their shipment especially if they have to adjust their schedules. Having an overview of the shipment’s transit time gives them a good idea of what to expect.

However it’s important to understand that estimated delivery times are only projections. Unexpected things can happen on the rare occasion like loss or damage which will impact the transit time. Chit Chats offers an easy way for shippers to keep tabs on any delivery exceptions which can help for any proactive customer communication. 

Managing customer’s expectations can always be challenging so it helps to over communicate and be transparent with delivery estimates.  Businesses can win over many shoppers simply by providing  transparency on delivery time frames.

3. Proactive Conflict Resolution

Tracking helps improve visibility, but it can’t prevent the unexpected. Rather than waiting in the dark, being proactive and having timely intervention can help minimize friction with your customers. Some common reasons for delivery exceptions include weather delays, postal disruptions, insufficient addresses and carrier processing delays. No matter the reason, helping your customers resolve issues with their deliveries promptly can mean a repeat customer. 

4. More Retention Opportunities

Providing tracking updates is an excellent way to retain customers in several ways. Online support allows businesses to address queries and concerns quickly, instilling confidence. It’s an opportunity to personalize customer service interactions and create a unique experience for each individual.

Delivery tracking also allows businesses to gather feedback regularly, obtain valuable research on their customer base and adjust their delivery time frame accordingly. Providing upsells or even offering a referral program to promote continuous engagement and strengthen relationships are additional ways to help customer retention and loyalty.

Additionally, businesses can promote their strength of delivery tracking to a wider audience by offering discounts or free shipping. These promotional efforts are more important than you think, as nearly half of online shoppers abandon their purchases when free shipping isn’t an option.

Free shipping for first-time shoppers and expensive purchases are great places to start. One directly grows your customer base, while the other increases sales for your most profitable items. Tracking is the key piece of the puzzle because it creates trust between the two parties and lends credibility to your retention efforts.

Streamlining Business Operations

Now let’s look at the benefits of delivery updates from the seller’s perspective. Although enhancing the customer experience is always the greatest advantage, tracking also brings some practical advantages that can streamline your business operations.

1. Reduce Operational Overhead

By sharing tracking and delivery information it can help minimize when customers contact you for updates. It makes sense to review your delivery estimates on a regular basis so the information showing on your website are in line with the reality of when your packages are arriving. Small businesses can have difficulty handling their growing operations, which is where Chit Chats’ full-service order fulfillment comes in. Delegate the packing and shipping to Chit Chats with their personalized service. Chit Chats caters to your unique business needs plus their strategically located shipping hubs get orders to your customers quickly. 

2. More Profits and More Savings

Order fulfillment services also contribute to more profits and more savings in the long run. They give businesses access to low-cost postage options and tracking tools that can minimize shipping costs. According to a 2022 industry report that included 1,200 companies from six countries, 80% of surveyed companies reported a revenue increase after investing in data analytics solutions.

In Canada, using the right tracking tools can make shipments 41% cheaper for local deliveries or nearly three times lower for national deliveries. For example, analyzing how the items are packaged and making material improvements can prevent damage, and reduce costs from delays and returns. Businesses can also find discounted mailers and supplies that fit their budgets with Chit Chats Supplies. Whether it’s bubble wrap, thermal mailers or sustainable packaging materials, you can explore your region’s online store and get these items shipped right to your door.

3. Product Security

Insurance for shipments is often overlooked but an important factor to consider. A parcel getting lost or damaged during transport is the last thing anyone wants. Chit Chats Insurance provides a great low-cost option to provide that extra security in the event a shipment gets lost or damaged. 

Security is even more important in the current age of e-commerce with more people buying online. Providing assurance to your customers is a great way to bring repeat customers and a great customer experience.

An Informed Customer Is a Happy Customer

All of these benefits share an overarching theme — information is key. An informed customer is a happy customer, and delivery tracking provides just that. Buyers and sellers alike have the required information at their fingertips and sharing the tools is a great way to provide customer satisfaction. 

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