Get Support with our New Phone Number

We’ve added an additional support phone number to better assist you! Get the support you need from our Branch, Compliance and Billing teams at the number you know. And find out how to connect directly with a member of our support team for all of your other inquiries with our new client support line!

At Chit Chats, we are pleased to offer our clients assistance and shipping expertise with phone support. During our dedicated support hours, clients can connect with support specialists to get help with questions regarding tracking, technical support, claims, Chit Chats’ services and more. At the same time, Chit Chats clients can also connect with their preferred branch or our Compliance and Billing teams.

Our New General Inquiries & Client Support Line

In order to assist you with faster support, we are reorganizing our resources to launch an additional phone support line catered to your specific needs. Beginning Wed, Apr 13 you can connect with us via one of our two toll-free support lines. This will ensure that you reach a member of the Chit Chats team best suited to answer your questions. 

For questions regarding branch matters including billing, compliance or locations and hours, please continue to reach out to us using our existing phone number: 1-844-842-8777

To get information regarding tracking, getting started with Chit Chats, technical support, and claims, please contact ‘General Inquiries and Client Support’ at the new toll-free number: 1-844-842-5040. One of our experienced client support specialists will be happy to assist you. 

contact help and support on our new line

We know that this change may take some time for you to adjust to. However, during this transition, we will be more than happy to reroute your call to connect with the correct queue. If you ever forget, you can always refer to our contact page to find the right number for your inquiry. Our contact page also features our support hours, so you’ll know when we’ll be in touch. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Chit Chats Team