Introducing Chit Chats + Squarespace

We’re added yet another e-commerce site compatible with the Chit Chats platform! Find out how to integrate your Squarespace store in just a few easy steps. 

Our Squarespace Integration

We love to bring you new integrations so that you can easily access our services no matter what site you sell on! 

Interested testers can now integrate their Squarespace stores with our platform to get access to discounted shipping rates across Canada, the U.S. and abroad!

Connecting your Squarespace store to your Chit Chats account is quick and easy to do. To get started, simply, reach out to our support team to let us know that you’d like to test out our newest integration. Then find our step by step guide on connecting your store and importing shipments in our support article.

This particular integration is also compatible with SKUs, Tags, and recipient phone numbers and addresses should they apply. Simply connect your store and import away!

You can also take advantage of either our bulk editor tool or shipping presets feature to manage the size and weights of each of your shipments to make your workflow easier than ever!

New to Chit Chats?

Complete our easy onboarding process at to help you create and buy postage. There you will also get access to a personalized dashboard to walk you through the process!