Let us present, Chit Chats Select!

Our latest upgrade for your Canadian shipments is Chit Chats Select. Read on to explore the benefits of adding this new service to your overall shipping strategy!

Are you looking for a new service to lower your shipping costs but not looking to compromise when it comes to tracking? Then you’ve come to the right place! Reach your customers in Canada for less with Chit Chats Select.

What is Chit Chats Select? 

Chit Chats Select is the ideal option for your large packages destined for top cities across Canada, as this service accommodates shipments up to 20 lbs. Reach your customers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec all with optional and low-cost Chit Chats Insurance. 

Plus, Select brings you additional savings on top of our Chit Chats Canada Tracked service with comparable delivery times. This new postage type is not yet available for or PO box addresses, but stay tuned to our newsletter for future enhancements to this service! 

Chit Chats Select shipments are fully tracked with Chit Chats tracking. This means that there will be no secondary tracking number for your shipment and delivery will be confirmed by tracking event once the package arrives at the recipient’s address. 

We know that sending tracking information to your customers is important to your business, and they like to check in on their packages, especially with the holidays nearing. If you have connected your Etsy or Shopify store to Chit Chats, you’re all set! Tracking events will be sent back for your shipments automatically. For eBay and other platforms, you will need to update the tracking for your shipments in your ecommerce store directly.

Service Features

Maximum Weight & DimensionsDelivery Estimate TrackingChit Chats Insurance
20 lbs
No singular dimension greater than 22 in
2-8 business daysChit Chats tracking with delivery confirmationUp to $400 loss and damage coverage

Accessing Chit Chats Select For Your Shipments

Adding Chit Chats Select postage to your shipments is simple. Just be sure that you’ve chosen the parcel or thick envelope option when asked for your shipment’s package type. If eligible for the destination address, Chit Chats Select postage will be available for your shipment. If you import your shipments from a connected store, you can make use of shipping presets to add Select postage for your shipments.

Do you import shipments using the Chit Chats CSV or our API? Please make sure you use the following inputs:

  • package_type: parcel or thick_envelope
  • postage_type: chit_chats_select 

Adding New Shipping Solutions to Support Your Evolving Business 

Innovation is a big part of our company’s DNA! We have been consistently rolling out new and exciting shipping solutions to make delivering all types of packages even more cost-effective. 

Even though we have been around for 21 years already, we have a scrappy tech startup mindset with a key focus on driving the Canadian shipping industry forward.

We recently launched Chit Chats Collect along with Chit Chats Slim and there’s still more to come including Lockers and additional service launches in 2023 and beyond! Working with Chit Chats means that your business can effectively grow and scale thanks to a variety of quality shipping solutions to choose from.  

Shipping to Apartments

If you’re shipping to an apartment, be sure to add the buzzer number in address line 2 on the recipient details step to ensure a smooth delivery. If the recipient is not available during the time of the delivery, eligible shipments will be safe dropped. When a safe location is not available, the delivery will be reattempted the following business day. And remember the tracking page will always have the latest updates.

Start Using Select Today

Want to try out Select and our other shipping services to save money and support your customers across the world? Great, then sign up now to get $5 off your first shipment, and discover how Chit Chats can make a significant impact on your business.