New Return Labels & Updates to Processing Fees

Holiday sales are approaching and that means returns. But never fear, Chit Chats return labels are here! Learn more about the new flexible return option for all your Canadian and U.S. shipments. Plus review the updates to our return processing fees to make the necessary changes to your store’s return policy.

Whether you sell clothing to books to electronics, returns are an inevitable fact of shipping. But having a clear return policy with easy-to-use options for your customers to manage their returns can often be the difference between making or breaking a sale. And with holiday gift shipping just around the corner, we know just how much having the security of flexible and reliable returns means for consumers making their holiday purchases.

As Canada’s premiere low cost shipping solution, we are continuously improving our services to provide our clients with shipping solutions that fit the needs of their businesses. That’s why we are excited to launch our newest feature for your return shipments ahead of the busy holiday season. Now introducing Chit Chats return labels for all of your Canadian and U.S. postage! 

This return option is sure to save you and your customers precious time in the coming months and we hope that it brings great value for your business. Alongside this change, we are also preparing for changes to our returns processing fees to continue offering you reliable returns processing throughout the busy season and beyond. Read on to learn more about these changes! 

Introducing Chit Chats Return Labels

To get started, simply create shipments in your Chit Chats account. Then look for your return label in the shipment menu alongside an estimate of the cost. How you use the service from there is up to you. You can choose to share the label with your customer electronically. Or, you can print and include it inside of your shipment for your customer to use at their convenience. If your customer decides to return the item, there are two steps they need to take:

  1. Apply the return label to their original shipment packaging
  2. Drop off the return at their nearest Canada Post or USPS post office

Once your return is received by one of our partners you’ll begin to receive regular tracking updates. It is also at this point that the return label fee is applied to your Chit Chats account. Remember you can find details of all postage and processing fees for your returns in your transaction history.

Lastly, as your return journeys back to our hub for processing, you can follow along with regular tracking updates. Look for these under the Returns tab in your Chit Chats account. After processing, your return will be assigned a new shipment ID and returned to you via your preferred return method. Don’t forget that you can make changes to these preferences in your Chit Chats account settings. 

New Processing Fees for U.S. Returns

Along with our exciting returns label postage, we are also adjusting our standard returns processing fees. We apply our processing fees to the return shipments that we manage for you. These fees account for the sorting, processing and transport required to get your returns from a Chit Chats hub and into your hands via your preferred return method

To keep in line with the continued rising operational costs, our processing fee for all U.S. envelopes and parcels will increase to $7 CAD per piece. Likewise, processing fees for Canadian customer returns (shipments returned to Chit Chats using another carrier’s postage) will increase to $7 CAD as well.  This increase will allow us to continue offering a reliable return service for your shipments through the holiday season and beyond. You may want to consider making adjustments to your store’s return policy to reflect these changes. 

Shipment TypeFee
U.S. returns (letters and cards)$2.50 per shipment
U.S. returns (envelopes and parcels)
Canadian returns without Chit Chats postage
$7 per shipment
All other Canadian returnsOriginal cost of postage*
Updated Fees for Chit Chats Returns

The processing fee for U.S. letters and cards will remain unchanged. Undeliverable Canadian shipments will continue to be charged the original postage rate for processing. There are no additional processing fees for Canadian return sent back with a Chit Chats return label.

As a reminder, we charge return fees to your account once we begin processing your return at one of our facilities. You can always find the details of any return fees in your transactions including tracking numbers and shipment IDs. If you have any questions or feedback about our new return label or processing fees, please contact our friendly support team!