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UPS Mail Innovations

UPS MI is a partnership that utilizes UPS' expansive network and USPS to reduce handling times. UPS handles shipments until the final mile where packages are handed off to the U.S. Postal Service for delivery to your customer.


  • Low postage rates for larger parcels
  • Tracking
  • Chit Chats Insurance

UPS MI is a service tailored specifically for domestic U.S. parcels. This service is another option for packages destined for the U.S. and cheaper in comparison to USPS Parcel Select.

USPS Parcel Select UPS Mail Innovations Logo
5 oz (142g) $11.42 $5.17
55% OFF
2 lbs (907g) $15.04 $11.03
27% OFF
Delivery 2-9 days 2-9 days

Prohibited and restricted items

UPS MI shipments are regulated by the TSA in addition to items listed in the Declaration. It is the shipper's responsibility to comply with carrier restrictions.

The following items are not eligible to be shipped using this service:

  • Explosive, flammable or corrosive items
  • Oxidizers or compressed gases including aerosols (e.g. hairpsray, deodorant), household cleaning agents, nail polish and perfume.
  • Large quantities of magnets, strong or industrial magnets and magnetized materials
  • Dry ice
  • Lithium or rechargeable batteries and electronics/products containing them (e.g. cellphones, laptops and smartwatches)

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