Updating Your Contact Details

We strive to keep you informed about the status of your account and shipments. Updating your account information will ensure those important messages reach you!

While you can find many alerts and notifications about our services on the dashboard of your Chit Chats account, we will sometimes need to contact you directly to keep you informed. You might expect to hear from us about important carrier and service information through your email, or with a call from our knowledgeable staff from time to time. However, to ensure that you miss no detail, it is important that the contact information in your Chit Chats account is accurate and updated regularly.

Why Accurate Contact Information is Important

We care about your shipments and want to process them as quickly and smoothly as possible. But at times there may be things that we need to confirm with you or bring to your attention in order to make that happen. That’s why we ask that you keep your client information up to date.

Email Addresses

If it’s been a while since you’ve signed up with Chit Chats, your email address on file may need an update. We frequently send emails with important information regarding your account including support tickets, compliance transaction details as well as status updates and shipping information for your region. So it is extremely important that we have a reliable email address on file. Additionally, if you use the Chit Chats API to import shipments or do not check your Chit Chats account regularly, you could be missing additional details. 

If you have difficulty receiving emails from us, it may be a good time to update your email. Be sure to list an email address that you have regular access to, to use as a contact. If you still have trouble receiving our emails, check your junk folder. You’ll want to make sure your email provider is not mistaking them for spam. If you notice messages in your junk folder, please add support@chitchats.com to your email contacts to prevent from missing future messages.

Phone Numbers

Similarly to emails, our friendly branch or support staff may contact you by phone occasionally regarding a more urgent matter such as shipments, returns, pickups or other issues where they have been unable to reach you by email.

Alternate Contacts

The primary contact on your Chit Chats account should be the person responsible for the daily operations of the business. This person should be the one able to resolve any issues with shipments or pickups. That being said, we understand that it can take the support of a few to help manage a small business.

If you have multiple people running the operations, you can make use of adding an alternate contact to your account. Simply update your account with a secondary email address and phone number that we can reach out to in case you are unavailable.

Address Information

Lastly, keeping the address of your location updated is important for a host of reasons. The address on your account is the default address we use for scheduling your Canpar pickups. It’s also the address used if you prefer to have your consolidated return shipments sent back directly to your location. Ensuring this detail is accurate reduces the risk of our partner carrier from sending your returns to the wrong location. Having an accurate and up to date address is also a U.S. customs requirement. This information is critical in the event that there is ever an issue with your shipments.

If you have recently moved, please be sure to add your new address to your account. We also recommend that you contact our support team to inquire about any outstanding return shipments that might be linked to the old address.

Updating Your Client Information 

Updating your client information is easy, whether to review the email address, phone number or address you have on file. Begin from your ‘Settings’, located in the menu on the left of your screen. Select ‘Account’ to view your profile information. Click ‘Edit’ to update your information and ‘Save’ once finished. Please note that only Canadian or U.S. phone numbers are valid.

Client information

After you have updated your email or phone number you will be asked to verify the information. Check your inbox for a verification email or select a method to receive your phone verification: call or SMS. Follow the instructions provided in your email, call or text message to complete the update.

Updating client information

Updating your Email and Notification Preferences

If you want to manage your preferences about notifications in your Chit Chats account, head to your Newsletter & Notifications settings. Here you can choose to subscribe to alerts, our status page or our newsletter to receive monthly updates. Our newsletter covers openings of new branches in your region, location hours, industry information and much more!

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