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Password Security Reminders

Last week Chit Chats discovered malicious attempts to access client accounts. It was a harsh reminder that there are some people online that have bad intent.

In light of this we want to share some password security measures to keep your account secure. These days you have passwords for everything from accessing your banking, watching your favorite streaming service, checking your email and shipping with Chit Chats. Since we rely so heavily on using passwords online, it’s important to keep them secure more than ever. 

5 Ways to Keep Your Passwords Secure

1. Choose a strong password

  • As much as possible avoid words, especially connected to your life.
  • Include numbers, symbols and capitalization whenever possible.

2. Avoid password reuse

  • Having one password for all of your accounts means they’re all at risk if someone discovers that one password.
  • Keep them unique and don’t use the same password for your account.

3. Change passwords regularly

  • Keeping the same password in place for a long time provides a longer window for discovery.
  • Change passwords regularly to avoid this. 

4. Keep your passwords private

  • Don’t write down your password where anyone else can see it, like a sticky note on your screen.
  • Keep passwords private and safe.

5. Use a Password Manager

  • Password security is important and there are many services that provide help if you struggle to keep track of your passwords but remember vigilance is key. Find useful tools in our support article that can help.
  • 1Password provides a quick way to see if your passwords have been previously compromised through their tool: Have I Been Pwned.

Account security is a serious matter. It is your responsibility to keep your password information private. If you suspect that there has been suspicious activity in any of your online accounts, you should take immediate precautions to update your password and report the incident. If you ever notice suspicious activity in your Chit Chats account, please contact us at support@chitchats.com.