May 2024 Monthly Roundup

Our monthly summary of everything that went down in last month. Find all the updates from May including new features, important reminders and announcements.

Our monthly roundup is here

Don’t miss a beat with Chit Chats’ monthly summary including improvements, new features and any bug fixes for May.

New Features & Updates

Shipment Line Item View

  • If you have multiple items for your international shipments, you will see an improved layout of all the different line items.
  • This includes the quantity, SKU, HS code and country of origin.
  • Remember to be specific and detailed with shipment descriptions. It is the shipper’s responsibility to provide accurate information!

Connecting Online Store

  • After connecting a store to the Chit Chats platform, you will be automatically redirected to the import page.
  • An ‘Import Order’ button has been added to improve the user functionality of importing shipments.

Country of Origin

  • When importing your shipments with a CSV file, be sure to input details based on the correct format. Tips can be found in the header column of our CSV file by hovering over the cell with your mouse.
    • For example: the acceptable format for the Country of Origin (COO) is the two letter country code. If the COO is not provided in this format the import will fail.

Location and Branch Updates

New Drop Spot Locations

Service Updates

Chit Chats Select

  • Recipient phone numbers for Chit Chats Select shipments are sent electronically to our partner carrier. It is a good idea to include the recipient’s phone number to help ensure a pleasant delivery experience.

Chit Chats Slim

  • We have updated the maximum thickness allowed for Chit Chats Slim shipments. The maximum eligible dimensions (Length, Width, Thickness) for this service is:  12 x 9 x 0.8 inches.

Chit Chats Supplies

  • Affordable high quality mailers and more at Chit Chats Supplies. Free branch pick up at any of our branches or ship your order directly to your home. New corrugated boxes available in Ontario & Quebec. Shop now

US Returns

Fulfillment by Chit Chats

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the day to day operations? Let us get your freedom back with our personalized fulfillment services. WIth limited spaces available we can help you streamline your daily operations plus save on shipping and time! Submit a request now 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved: The use of third-party fulfillment apps from the Shopify App Store no longer imports incorrect quantities into Chit Chats.
  • Resolved: BigCommerce users were unable to have their orders fulfilled by Chit Chats.
  • Resolved: The right sidebar was not visible when selecting a shipment.