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Making Your Small Business Work for You

Chit Chats began by helping Canadian booksellers in Ontario and today we help e-commerce sellers from a variety of industries across Canada. We’ve grown and experienced a lot over the years and we want to share some of what we’ve learned to help you grow your business.

Most would assume that managing a small business requires less effort than managing a larger one. But as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you know just how much your business relies on you for everything. While every business is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, there three things that every business should focus on no matter what industry you are in.

1. Find Your Niche

A business niche is a specialized or focused area of a broader market that can be used to differentiate yourself from the competition. To find your niche, ask yourself if the product or service you are offering can help solve a problem or if there is a need for it.

For Chit Chats, we know shipping to the U.S. as a Canadian can be difficult and expensive! Our mission is to help Canadian entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and we do this by providing low-cost shipping not only to the U.S. but worldwide. That is our niche and why we exist. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What does your product or service offer to meet the need or problem?
  • Why do customers choose your product or service over competitors?
  • What sets you apart?

By identifying your unique selling proposition it can help find your niche and position yourself apart from your competitors.

2. Find Your Market

If you’re trying to sell winter jackets to Texans you might run into some difficultly. But marketing your winter jackets to buyers in North Dakota? That sounds like a success!

Chit Chats offers services to Canadian entrepreneurs because of the high cost of national carriers and the limited options available. Where does your market exist? Be sure to research your customer base so you can understand their needs and the pain points. Asking who your ideal customer is can help pinpoint your target market.

3. Promote, Promote and Promote

Your goods are high quality and your service is spectacular, but how can buyers reach you if they don’t know you exist? Marketing your business to your specific audience is key. Be sure to know how much money you are willing to budget on advertising as this will determine your marketing avenues. We’ve gathered some budget-friendly ways to promote your business:

  • Write blog posts and optimize your website so that people can find your business online (SEO)
  • Set up a social media page (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Run a social media contest as it can help build brand awareness and even generate leads in your target market
  • Tap into your community (community events or local meetups)
  • Browse and get active in forums and spread the word
  • Add your business to an online directory like Google Business or Yelp

Building a business takes work and Chit Chats is committed to helping Canadians pursue their dreams. If you haven’t set up your online store, be sure to check out our blog post about which e-commerce platform is best for small businesses.

We’ve seen some amazing growth from our clients over the years and we are always delighted to hear these stories. If you want to share your story with us reach out today. Our success is yours!