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Guidelines for Shipping Gifts

Sending gifts can be quite different from sending merchandise to a customer.  A gift is an item you are sending to a friend or relative personally. These types of shipments should include a card or other notice indicating that it is a gift. On the other hand, goods purchased by the recipient are considered to be merchandise.

Oftentimes, customs agencies will have different requirements for gifts and merchandise. This may impact what you can ship and how you prepare your shipments. Here are our best recommendations for shipping gifts.

Be Accurate

It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your shipment information and to be compliant with all customs laws. You may not omit items from descriptions or use vague descriptions to conceal prohibited items. This may result in delays, fines or the termination of your Chit Chats account.

  1. Be as detailed as possible.
    • Your shipment description must include more details than simply the word “gift”. Like any other shipment, descriptions must accurately describe the contents including quantity, brand names, etc.
  2. Declare the true retail value of the gift.
    • Gifts with a value of up to $100 USD are permitted to cross the U.S. – Canada border. 
    • We recommend including an invoice or a sales receipt with your shipment to verify the value of the shipment. This helps ensure a smooth transit through customs checkpoints.
  3. Select the correct shipment type (e.g. Merchandise, Documents, Gift, etc.) when creating your shipment.
    • This information is presented on international customs forms and used to calculate the taxes and duties for your shipment.

Use the Right Packaging

  1. Do not gift wrap your shipment.
  2. Take care to use an appropriately sized box or mailer and secure your shipment with enough packing material e.g, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc.

Know Which Carrier to Use

  1. Asendia International Priority Tracked is not a postage option available for gifts.
  2. When sending a gift to an international recipient, we recommend using one of our other international postage options
  3. You may want to select a fully tracked postage option for your shipment.
  4. Be aware that gifts and other personal items are not eligible for Chit Chats insurance. You may need to check with the partner carrier of your shipment for insurance coverage.