Etsy Star Seller Program & Chit Chats

Keep your Etsy customers updated with the most accurate shipping information by modifying the fulfillment settings on your Chit Chats account. Learn how to optimize your Chit Chats settings for success with the Etsy Star Seller program.

Etsy’s Star Seller Program is verification to both sellers and buyers of excellent customer service. The accompanying badge displays on the seller’s shop and signals to consumers that they maintain four key areas of customer service excellence. These areas include:

  • quick response rates
  • delivery standards
  • positive reviews 
  • consistent order volume

Etsy sellers benefit from upholding their Star Seller status as it increases the opportunity for their shops to be featured in searches, boosting their overall sales. Failure to maintain an excellent standing in all four areas can result in disqualification from the Star Seller program. 

Chit Chats & Etsy

Chit Chats’ integration with Etsy allows sellers to connect their store and easily import orders to save on shipping costs. Our Etsy users enjoy the ability to import all their orders into their Chit Chats accounts in just a few clicks. Our integration also makes editing multiple shipments at once easy work with presets. And with Chit Chats’ postage options, you can quickly purchase labels at significantly lower costs than other carriers. 

Notifications and Fulfillment Settings 

Our platform also offers options to customize your fulfillment settings. This means you can choose when to mark orders as ‘fulfilled’ and notify customers that their package is on the way. You can cater these settings to your unique processing times and when you get your shipments to Chit Chats.

Using the fulfillment settings in your Chit Chats account is an important tool for managing your orders in Etsy. It also lets you notify your customers in a timely manner without the need to log back into your Etsy account. This is particularly helpful if you purchase postage days ahead of when you send your shipments with Chit Chats. 

Choose a fulfillment option that best suits your workflow. Whether you want to fulfill your Etsy orders immediately or up to five days after buying postage, you have options. Simply select from the drop-down menu ‘When Postage is Purchased’ up to ‘When Postage is Purchased Plus 5 days’. This will ensure that your customers are up to date with accurate tracking information and you are able to maintain excellent delivery standards for your Star Seller Badge. 

To read more about integrating your Etsy store with Chit Chats or changing your fulfillment settings, visit our support pages.