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Client Success Story: Polar Feet

In 2015, a small business, Polar Feet, made the shortlist for the Small Business BC Award but they faced one serious challenge: shipping costs. The high price of shipping made it difficult to justify selling to international markets. For an online business this was limiting and didn’t help gain new customers.

In 2017, Polar Feet discovered Chit Chats their solution to high shipping costs. With fast and low-cost shipping, Chit Chats was the answer to their problem. Now customers all over the world can access Polar Feet’s stylish and fun socks to keep their toes warm any day of the year.

Chit Chats has enabled us to focus our marketing efforts… If you can’t get your shipping costs under control, you can’t go after a market.

Polar Feet
Lisa Falconer, Owner

Chit Chats helps small businesses and entrepreneurs tackle new markets. We are always thrilled when our clients are able to share their successes with us.

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