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Client Success Story: Anokha Leewu

The main challenge for Pou’s business, Anokha Leewu, was the expensive cost of shipping in Canada. Not only did she want the business to be competitive online but she wanted to find balance with juggling a family and a business.

They started by lowering their shipping rates to be in line with other online vendors. However, the problem was that the shipping costs were so expensive that they were losing money. To continue to lower shipping rates wasn’t a sustainable option for their e-commerce business.

Once they discovered Chit Chats everything changed! They were able to leverage the low-cost, fully tracked shipping options with Chit Chats to give them a new strategy for their online marketplace. Because the shipping rates were significantly cheaper with Chit Chats, they could now offer free shipping. Chit Chats’ all-in-one shipping platform helps them stay competitive and save time with shipping orders to their customers.

Trying to balance life with business, time is of the ultimate essence for me. If you really want to save time…try Chit Chats at least once.

Pou Ma, Anokha Leewu

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