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Success stories

Chit Chats has been helping businesses grow since 2001. Hear our clients share their story and how Chit Chats has transformed their business. Want to share your story with us? Get in touch.

Small Business

People don't like to spend a lot for what I've learned. As soon as it gets above a certain threshold, that's a deal breaker. When we discovered Chit Chats, it quite literally changed the game.

18 Waits
Daniel Torjam, CEO/Founder
Daniel Torjam

Online Store

Before Chit Chats I was using the postal service. I just did this test run for one or two orders. I realized how expensive it was. My friend told me don't even use them, use Chit Chats. It was almost half price in savings.

Wavy Merch
Nick Wavy, CEO/Founder
Nick Wavy


They [Chit Chats] saved my business. I don't know how else to explain it. Chit Chats is an integral part of my business.

MsFit Activewear
Lisa Bernstein, Owner
Lisa Bernstein

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Small Business

Chit Chats sorta feels like how we feel about our brand, still feels small/local and people care about the service they are providing. We were able to offer flat rate shipping and that was really great for our U.S. clients.

18 Waits
Stefania Bussey, Production & Design Assistant
Stefania Bussey

Etsy Store

Don't think about it, go ahead and sign up today. Chit Chats is the best thing that happened to us.

Bellaire Wholesale
Salima Meghani, Owner
Salima Meghani

Small Business

Being a MOM-preneur and trying to balance life with business, time is of the ultimate essence for me. If you really want to save time, just for a second, listen to me and try Chit Chats at least once.

Anokha Leewu
Pou Ma, Owner
Pou Ma

Online Store

I think people just don't know Chit Chats exists, it seems too good to be true. are going to provide this service without charging me an arm and a leg AND make shipping faster and efficient? That's a win-win.

Polar Feet
Lisa Falconer, Owner
Lisa Falconer

Etsy Store

When we started with Chit Chats, we saw a big change in our business. Our customers were not hesitating any more. We realized shipping is a big factor on our sales. I can definitely say Chit Chats has been the best option for my business.

Eva Siu, Owner
Eva Siu

Etsy Store

Being able to tell the customer you will get it in 3 days and oh by the way, here is your tracking number... that was a big change for us. The costs have gone down significantly and shipping times have gotten faster, which is a little unimaginable almost.

Mabel Designs
Andrea Jacob, Owner
Andrea Jacob

Small Business

Chit Chats was introduced to me by a friend online who was telling me how great Chit Chats was... but I was on the fence. Let me tell you, Chit Chats is fantastic and it will change your business, it will make it grow....for sure.

Aunt Betty's Vintage
Suvarna Mollerup, Owner
Suvarna Mollerup

Ebay Store

Our sales doubled a week after we started using Chit Chats...we were able to open up to a much wider global market using discounted shipping rates. [Chit Chats] had such an immediate and long lasting positive impact on our business.

Storage Warrior: Ebay 2019 Micro-Multinational of the Year
Jessica Oman, Co-owner
Jessica Oman

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