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Chit Chats Sponsors Craftadian 2016

Chit Chats is excited to be a sponsor for Craftadian 2016. 

Craftadian is pleased to welcome sponsor, and partner Chit Chats, who are all about helping Canadian businesses ship and save.  Online sellers have been increasing their sales and saving thousands on shipping with Chit Chats!  If you don’t know about Chit Chats, we invite you to watch this intro video.

Handmade sellers are always looking for alternative shipping methods for our international customers that are stress free and easy.

At Chit Chats, it is their mission to reduce your U.S. and International shipping costs, increase the speed of delivery to your customers, offer a one stop shop for reduced shipping supplies, provide fulfillment and bulk shipping options, and the necessary tools and support to dramatically increase your online sales.

Daily (Monday to Saturday) deliveries to the United States Postal Service, U.S. UPS and FedEx

  • Onsite terminals available to print USPS postage in our conveniently located branches
  • Technical support for online sellers to ease the problems of selling and shipping to the United States and Worldwide
  • Parcel pickup and drop-off options available
  • Impressive shipping times and free online tracking for a fraction of the cost
  • Reliable, cost effective fulfillment services and bulk shipping options available
  • Discounted USPS postage and shipping rates
  • Your source for the lowest priced bubble mailers in the GTA, thermal printers, labels, bubble wrap and USPS Priority and Flat Rate shipping supplies
  • Client support to help you find the best shipping rates
  • Free American Address for online sellers

Start saving with Chit Chats today!

No hidden monthly fees. Unbeatable prices. More than 20 million packages delivered.