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Client Success Story: 18 Waits

Meet Daniel, the founder of 18 Waits, a menswear brand based out of Toronto. He started by selling wholesale to stores, and with the rise of eCommerce, he saw his online sales grow. For a long time shipping was a major challenge to his business as so many of his customers were frustrated by the cost.

People don’t like to spend a lot for shipping…is what I’ve learned. As soon as it gets above a certain threshold, that’s a deal breaker. When we discovered Chit Chats, it quite literally changed the game.

18 Waits
Daniel Torjam, CEO/Founder

When he discovered Chit Chats, it not only helped increase sales but reduced shipping prices for his customers which allowed repeat business. Online sales for 18 Waits are now a big part of their business. Watch his story below to see how Chit Chats helped transform his business to reach customers across the globe.

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We love sharing our client success stories and how we help Canadian entrepreneurs thrive and grow. If you have a Chit Chats success story, let us know!

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