Canada Post Strike 2018

Looking for an alternative to Canada Post during the possible strike? Chit Chats is your shipping solution. In the face of the looming Canada Post strike, Canadian businesses can rely on Chit Chats to provide a cost effective shipping option that offers value added services like tracking, insurance and faster delivery to the U.S. and worldwide. […]

USPS Compliance Regulations

We previously communicated some restrictions specific to the transportation of batteries which fall under the Hazardous Materials regulations of USPS. We have recently received further clarification from USPS on the transport of all Hazardous Material including, but not limited to the following: Lithium Batteries Nonspillable wet batteries Alcohol-based perfumes and colognes Nail polish Safety matches […]

Feature Release Notes: Aug 2018

Find all the latest updates and new features we’ve been working on since last month. July 24, 2018 – Sep 7, 2018 New Features Chit Chats Shipping Calculator Need a quick estimate? Use our handy calculator to estimate postage rates quickly. USPS partner tracking integration More visibility and updates on USPS’ tracking page. Chit Chats […]

New Drop Spot Launching in North Vancouver

We are getting ready to offer a new drop spot in North Vancouver. This new drop spot will continue to be part of our pilot project for testing out drop spot locations in the greater Vancouver area to offer more access points and convenience to our clients. Clients using this drop spot will be able […]

Package Requirements For Batteries

Shipping Batteries to the U.S. Some batteries are considered hazardous materials by carriers. Certain types of batteries require to be clearly identified on the packaging so that carriers know the packages contain such materials and can handle them appropriately. Lithium and nonspillable wet batteries sent through USPS can only be shipped via USPS Parcel Select Service. […]

Updated Declaration

We will be updating our Declaration on Wednesday, August 29th, 2018 to clarify some internal and external compliance policies. Starting August 29th you will see an Account Review page with a link to: Review and accept the updated Declaration To avoid any delays with receiving your shipments please make sure to review and accept the updated […]

Hours of Operation: Labour Day 2018

Please note the following hours of operation for the upcoming Labour Day Holiday on Monday, September 3rd, 2018. Don’t forget to plan in advance and advise your customers accordingly.   Friday, August 31, 2018 All locations are open and regular pick ups will be scheduled All USPS shipments received on Friday, August 31st for BC, QC […]

Introducing UPS Mail Innovations for our Atlantic Region Clients

Starting on August 13th, 2018 in the Atlantic region, Chit Chats will launch UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) for your U.S. bound packages. This service is tailored specifically for parcels and perfect for larger, lightweight parcels destined to the U.S. Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing this soon to all our remaining regions.  Please familiarize […]

Asendia Reminders for our BC region

We wanted to share a few updates and important reminders for our BC clients that use Asendia. Client Support If you have inquiries or need help, please contact us directly as our client support team is on hand to help with any questions or additional support needed for this service. Reach us directly at […]

UPS Mail Innovations Reminders

A couple important reminders for clients using UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) in the Ontario region. Our UPS MI service is tailored specifically for parcels, so when purchasing postage through our platform don’t forget to select ‘parcel’ as package type. Based on the weight and dimensions entered, you’ll see corresponding rates for either under 1 […]