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Chit Chats aide les entreprises à croître depuis 2001. Écoutez nos clients partager leurs histoires et la manière dont Chit Chats a permis de transformer leur entreprise. Vous désirez partager votre histoire avec nous? Contactez-nous.

Petite entreprise

People don't like to spend a lot for what I've learned. As soon as it gets above a certain threshold, that's a deal breaker. When we discovered Chit Chats, it quite literally changed the game.

18 Waits
Daniel Torjam, CEO/Founder
Daniel Torjam

Témoignages de clients

Online Store

Before Chit Chats I was using the postal service. I just did this test run for one or two orders. I realized how expensive it was. My friend told me don't even use them, use Chit Chats. It was almost half price in savings.

Wavy Merch
Nick Wavy, CEO/Founder
Nick Wavy


They [Chit Chats] saved my business. I don't know how else to explain it. Chit Chats is an integral part of my business.

MsFit Activewear
Lisa Bernstein, Owner
Lisa Bernstein

Small Business

Chit Chats sorta feels like how we feel about our brand, still feels small/local and people care about the service they are providing. We were able to offer flat rate shipping and that was really great for our U.S. clients.

18 Waits
Stefania Bussey, Production & Design Assistant
Stefania Bussey

Etsy Store

Don't think about it, go ahead and sign up today. Chit Chats is the best thing that happened to us.

Bellaire Wholesale
Salima Meghani, Owner
Salima Meghani

Small Business

Being a MOM-preneur and trying to balance life with business, time is of the ultimate essence for me. If you really want to save time, just for a second, listen to me and try Chit Chats at least once.

Anokha Leewu
Pou Ma, Owner
Pou Ma

Online Store

I think people just don't know Chit Chats exists, it seems too good to be true. are going to provide this service without charging me an arm and a leg AND make shipping faster and efficient? That's a win-win.

Polar Feet
Lisa Falconer, Owner
Lisa Falconer

Etsy Store

When we started with Chit Chats, we saw a big change in our business. Our customers were not hesitating any more. We realized shipping is a big factor on our sales. I can definitely say Chit Chats has been the best option for my business.

Eva Siu, Owner
Eva Siu

Etsy Store

Being able to tell the customer you will get it in 3 days and oh by the way, here is your tracking number... that was a big change for us. The costs have gone down significantly and shipping times have gotten faster, which is a little unimaginable almost.

Mabel Designs
Andrea Jacob, Owner
Andrea Jacob

Small Business

Chit Chats was introduced to me by a friend online who was telling me how great Chit Chats was... but I was on the fence. Let me tell you, Chit Chats is fantastic and it will change your business, it will make it grow....for sure.

Aunt Betty's Vintage
Suvarna Mollerup, Owner
Suvarna Mollerup

Ebay Store

Our sales doubled a week after we started using Chit Chats...we were able to open up to a much wider global market using discounted shipping rates. [Chit Chats] had such an immediate and long lasting positive impact on our business.

Storage Warrior: Ebay 2019 Micro-Multinational of the Year
Jessica Oman, Co-owner
Jessica Oman

Pourquoi les clients aiment Chit Chats

4.5 Stars

4.6 étoiles en moyenne, réparties entre toutes les succursales

Profile Picture: Daniel Maullon

Daniel Maullon

January, 2022
5 Stars

Chitchats has been a lifesaver for my small business. Instead of paying $15 with Canada post, i am pay a fraction of that at $5-7 each shipment. Shipping the states delivers faster than me shipping within Canada, if you can believe that.

Profile Picture: Jason Safinia

Jason Safinia

January, 2022
5 Stars

Absolutely tremendous. I sell on various marketplaces and on and most of my sales are to the US. ChitChats has saved my business tens of thousands of dollars with impeccable service allowign me to compete with the big names on shipments and returns to the US and in Canada. I've been a customer since the Richmond location but the Kitsilano branch is highly convenient and Jinha is a fantastic branch lead. Honestly five stars isn't enough. All in all I recommend ChitChats to any business and I'm lucky to have the Kits branch close by.

Profile Picture: Alain Malka

Alain Malka

January, 2022
5 Stars

Those people showed us what is efficiency. And they do it courteously and cheaply.

Profile Picture: Dax Belanger

Dax Belanger

January, 2022
5 Stars

I am an eBay seller. Since using Chit Chats I have saved my customers Thousands dollars in shipping costs. The staff at the Kitsilano Branch are awesome. So are the two of the locations. Full disclosure, I was the very first customer at the Kitsilano Chit Chat branch.

Profile Picture: l33tster


January, 2022
5 Stars

Chitchats is an utter godsend for shipping in general but has saved me hundreds when dealing with UK, EU or US parcels while providing complete tracking solutions for rates lower than I'd pay for some bottom-dollar untracked sends from other common-name companies. The web-portal for managing shipments, tracking, etc. is top class and neither the tracking page nor the shipping in general have ever given any of my clients issues. Smooth as can be In addition to this, their online support (knowledgebase) and phone support are great too. All agents very knowledgeable and kind I wholeheartedly recommend their service to everyone I can, especially smaller online vendors. Straight up haven't found anything better or more convenient and easy to use, thank you so much Chitchats!

Profile Picture: Boris et Angelica Viau

Boris et Angelica Viau

January, 2022
5 Stars

Thank you! We have used chit chat rather than canada post. You will save a lot of money. Especially to Usa. Very recommend for all business. Staffs are very friendly. Thank you again!

Profile Picture: Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts

December, 2021
5 Stars

If you're shipping to the US it's the place to go

Profile Picture: DJ Marvel

DJ Marvel

December, 2021
5 Stars

I recently moved to North Vancouver and love the convince and service provided by Sharmi. She is alway friendly, goes above and beyond to help me out with any shipping complications. She even gave my son halloween candy : )

Profile Picture: Joshua L

Joshua L

December, 2021
5 Stars

My experience with Chit Chats as an E-Bay seller has been great. The process to create shipments and manage orders is really streamlined and simple to use. Drop off is quick with no waiting. At this location staff were friendly and scanned my package right when I gave it to them, unlike at some other locations. For severely discounted prices you get full tracking and delivery confirmation. To date, all my packages have been delivered.

Profile Picture: Walter Mak

Walter Mak

December, 2021
5 Stars

Great location! Always handled my packages with care and promptly! This is the best location for me! Thanks for opening it!

Profile Picture: Rex Fung

Rex Fung

December, 2021
5 Stars

Competitive pricing with excellent service. The staff is friendly and helpful, we are glad to work with them for all of our customers deliveries.

Profile Picture: Lawrence Morin

Lawrence Morin

December, 2021
5 Stars

I have used this service twice. Each time I was greeted by a friendly associate named Phillip and he was genuinely happy to help me with the process. Shipping internationally is the biggest savings. Thank you Phillip

Profile Picture: Valerie Legacey

Valerie Legacey

December, 2021
5 Stars

Chitchat is the best, their Burlington hub is open even on the weekends, so helpful and inexpensive!

Profile Picture: Scott Easter

Scott Easter

December, 2021
5 Stars

The staff at branch of Chit Chats is top notch. They go above and beyond in every way. They are fantastic and I would highly recommend their service to go along with it.

Profile Picture: Jasmine Cairo

Jasmine Cairo

December, 2021
5 Stars

The savings, faster shipping, and better insurance offered by Chit Chats is making a big difference to my small business. I was very happy when the North Van location opened up since I live on Bowen - it's much more convenient than Vancouver. Thank you for the great customer service Sharmi and helping answer all my questions in a professional and friendly manner!

Profile Picture: Jolene Fieber

Jolene Fieber

December, 2021
5 Stars

Love chit chats. 1st staff are friendly and helpful if you have any questions . Shipping to USA is so much faster and cheaper then Canada post .

Profile Picture: Jefferson Bautista

Jefferson Bautista

December, 2021
5 Stars

Very convenient location. Very grateful that Sharmi serves the northshore so we all don't need to drive to vancouver. Great customer service. Thank you!

Profile Picture: Paul Bassoo

Paul Bassoo

November, 2021
5 Stars

Super cheap prices to the US. Customer service is great and more specifically, Jessica! Highly recommended

Profile Picture: Jake Silvia

Jake Silvia

September, 2021
5 Stars

Amazing Customer Service, Daniel went above and beyond to assist me with my shipment, I was mistaken thinking that the shipments were done in person and not online, he showed me how to make a account and assisted me in creating my first label, he even printed it out for me! I will for sure be coming back, Thank you so much!

Profile Picture: Jaqueline Fraser

Jaqueline Fraser

September, 2021
5 Stars

I have been using Chit Chats since 2020 and I honestly have no complaints. I have only experienced great service and their shipping rates are by far the best I have seen so far. They are my "go to" shipping source.

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