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Chit Chats' mission is to help Canadian entrepreneurs live their dreams.

Discover your potential in the U.S. and international marketplace with our low-cost, fully tracked postage. Our easy-to-use platform makes shipping delightful with integrations and time-saving features.

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Portrait of Derek Nolan, Founder

Derek Nolan, Founder

The story behind the promise

Derek started driving his books to the border in his station wagon because shipping from Canada was too expensive. What started off as a family business has grown into a Canadian seller favourite and provides a viable alternative.

Derek loved helping others and he saw the image of the eagle as a bridge between Canada and the U.S. He passed away in 2015 but Chit Chats continues to help businesses be competitive. This eagle is a tribute to his memory.

Nolan's Promise

To deliver and make Canadian commerce borderless, seamless and boundless so you can deliver your goods to the world.

Eagle holding Chit Chats banner

Our Core Values

At Chit Chats we are guided by our values. These are the anchors that help us achieve our goals both individually and as a team.


We are inspired by purpose and strive for excellence. We lead by example and go the extra mile.


We seek challenges and continuously improve. We learn from our failures and appreciate feedback.

Approachable team player

We are respectful and friendly with a positive attitude. We are team players and respect others.

Grow your business

Since 2001, Chit Chats has been transforming Canadian businesses. By drastically reducing shipping costs by as much as 74%, we help deliver your packages to anywhere in the world.

Expand your marketplace by offering low-cost, fully tracked shipping to your customers. Chit Chats is the preferred shipping solution used by thousands of online sellers that makes shipping easy and delightful!

20 years of experience

20M+ packages delivered

62 locations and growing

74% cheaper than national carriers

Our Vision

Chit Chats employee moving box
Chit Chats team at ride to conquer cancer finish line
Chit Chats team crossing ride to conquer cancer finish line
Chit Chat employee working with customer

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