Increased Postage Costs for Oversized Shipments

Beginning April 3, 2022, USPS will be applying surcharges for oversized packages with lengths over 22” or 30.” Find out how these new surcharges will affect your shipments.

In addition to the annual rate increases that were introduced in January 2022, the United States Postal Service is adding new surcharges for oversized packages. Beginning April 3, packages which exceed 22” to 30” in length or that exceed 2 cubic feet in volume will be subject to these additional rates when sent with the following services offered by Chit Chats.

Postage Types

  • USPS Priority Mail 
  • Chit Chats U.S Tracked
  • Parcel Select

The surcharges will be applied as follows and will be reflected in the postage rate displayed when creating a shipment in your account.

USPS Surcharges

  • Packages with length exceeding 22”: $4 USD 
  • Packages with length exceeding 30”: $15 USD 
  • Packages with volume exceeding 2 cubic feet: $15 USD 

Packages can also incur multiple fees at the same time. For example, if your package measures both 22 inches long and greater than 2 cubic feet, you will be charged both non-standard surcharges ($4 USD + $15 USD). The resulting total surcharges would be $19 USD on top of the cost of the postage.

Fees for Inaccurate Measurements

Additionally oversized shipments that are sent with incorrect or missing dimensions will also incur a fee of $1.50 USD on top of the postage fee and any postage due. To avoid a delay in your shipment and additional charges applied to your account, please be sure to accurately enter the weight and dimensions of your shipment. 

The new rates for oversized packages sent with partner carrier USPS mail have been automatically updated and will require no additional action from your end. You can learn more about our rates or get a quick estimate on our pricing page.