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USPS Global Direct Entry Wholesaler – GDE

Global Direct Entry with Chit Chats:

As a USPS Global Direct Entry Wholesaler (GDE), Chit Chats is able to provide Canadian ecommerce businesses access to all USPS tracked domestic and international parcel services. We are recognized as a fully compliant partner of USPS.

We are a North American leader in shipping and logistics and have been directly injecting packages into USPS mail stream for over 15 years, facilitating a 2-4 day delivery across the United States, at a significantly lower cost than traditional local providers or Canadian carriers.

What GDE means for you:

* Reliable and cost effective tax and duty free US Customs clearance (some restrictions apply)
* Access to USPS postage rates, tracking and quick delivery options
* Daily injection of US domestic and international bound packages into the USPS mail stream
* Technical assistance before, during and after moving over to USPS direct entry
* With reduced shipping costs, our service increases your sales potential
* Confidence in working with a knowledgeable and experienced cross border official USPS GDE partner

USPS Partnership Benefits:

* High quality delivery services at cost effective prices
* Tracking and delivery notification
* Fast transit times between Canada, US and key international markets
* Use of USPS shipping supplies (boxes and envelopes)
* No residential surcharges
* No fuel surcharges

Confidence is key when shipping your products worldwide. Through Chit Chats’ USPS partnership as Global Direct Entry Wholesaler, you can have confidence that your business will grow and succeed with us as your official global provider of USPS direct entry services from Canada.


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