Upcoming USPS Rates Increases

The Postal Service twice annual rate increase goes into effect as of July 10 2022. Learn about what’s ahead and the potential impacts on your business.

The Postal Service is moving forward with its plan to update the pricing of popular services twice yearly in January and July to keep up with current postal trends. These changes introduced by USPS are part of a 10-year strategy for sustainability to help address the increasing cost of operation and rising inflation rates. 

Once updated, services such as USPS First Class Mail and USPS Media Mail will be the most heavily affected by the planned rate increases. Additionally, these pricing changes coincide with USPS’ plan to update the way it calculates the distance between origin and destination ZIP Codes. While the details of this particular update are not comprehensive, we anticipate that there will be both cost increases and decreases for postage to select destinations. 

Beginning Sunday July 10, the new rates set by our partner carrier, USPS, will automatically update on the Chit Chats platform. Although there will be no additional action required on your end, we recommend preparing your customers for the following rate increases.

First Class Mail (Letters, Postcards, Flats)

  • Average increase of 6.5% for First Class Mail postage
  • Includes both domestic and international stamps

Media Mail Services

  • Average increase of 8.9% for Media Mail postage 

ZIP Code Calculation

  • Rather than using the distance between origin and destination plant, the Postal Service will use the distance between 3-digit ZIP Codes to determine zone.
  • The impact will likely be minor fluctuations in postage costs of both increases and decreases to select destinations.

Learn more about our rates or get a quick estimate on our pricing page. You can also make use of the shipping calculator in your account to review the new rates.