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USPS Alert: Possible Exception Due To Chemical Spill

Update 9/6 – USPS has confirmed that their Northwest Rochester location reopened on September 5. All operations have resumed.


Due to a recent mercury spill at the USPS’ Northwest Rochester, NY Processing and Distribution Center (PDC) and the Marcellus Post Office, there may be possible delays with packages travelling in the eastern region.

We can confirm a hazmat incident involving mercury that leaked from a package occurred at the Northwest Rochester, NY PDC and the Marcellus Post Office […] All employees are safe. Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily suspending operations at the facilities for further testing at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this incident has caused and appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers, suppliers, and mailing partners.

USPS update for inquiries regarding the mercury spill at the Northwest Rochester, NY PDC and Marcellus Post Office.

Due to this concern, other facilities within the eastern region are processing diverted packages which may cause possible delays.

For packages that are impacted by this you may see a tracking event similar to this:

Most of the packages in this area are transiting normally and are expected to be delivered by the estimated delivery date. However please be advised of this exception and advise your customers accordingly.

We will be sure to post any updates we receive from USPS.