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Understanding Returns With Chit Chats

Sometimes shipments aren’t delivered as expected. They may be returned if they are undeliverable or returned by the customer.

All returned shipments, regardless of their original delivery address, follow the same basic journey. Once a shipment is deemed undeliverable or it is refused by a customer, the shipment will make its way back to the original sender via the return address on the label. Some carriers refer to this process as ‘reverse logistics’. 

Generally, if you know that you have a return on the way, you will be able to follow its journey with the original tracking number or the new tracking number provided by your recipient. 

Chit Chats Returns Service

Canadian shipments

For any Canadian shipments, returns will be sent back to a Chit Chats branch. The return fee for Canadian shipments is not included in the cost of postage. This return fee for Canadian shipments are based on the package weight and dimensions. Canadian return fees are charged directly to your account as soon as they are processed by our returns team.

U.S. and international shipments

Chit Chats provides a returns service. You can set up a Chit Chats returns account to have your U.S. and international returns managed by Chit Chats.

If you prefer to manage your own returns, simply update your return address in your account Settings with a U.S. return address of your own.

You also have the option to have all returns disposed of at no additional charge. Simply update your account return settings to dispose of all your U.S. and international returns.

Find return fees for U.S. and international shipments based on your region in our Help & Support.