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Shipping to Ireland

Sellers are reporting significant delays for shipments destined to Ireland. The new EU customs rules are having an impact on shipments being returned or delayed due to incomplete information or the contents being restricted or prohibited. 

Ireland’s postal service (An Post) has reported a significant rejection rate on packages coming into the country as a result of Irish Customs enforcing certain requirements. Some of the main issues include missing or inaccurate HS Codes (TARIC Codes), values, descriptions, or addresses.

New EU VAT changes went into effect July 1, 2021 and An Post has advised the introduction of these customs requirements on goods coming into the EU from outside has led to “significant delays” or customers “not receiving their goods at all” and is being strictly enforced by Irish Customs. 

If your item has been returned to sender or you are awaiting an update on your item, it is likely that the electronic customs declaration made by the retailer/sender for your item may have been insufficient or invalid according to Customs regulations. An Post cannot amend customs declaration so items with incomplete data must be returned.

An Post

What should you do?

If you are shipping to Ireland we recommend contacting your customer to update them on the current situation.

Unfortunately, Irish Customs continues to enforce the requirements and we expect they will into the near future. We strongly recommend that if you ship to Ireland you provide tariff numbers along with a detailed accurate description of the package items along with the recipient phone and email if possible. 

Please visit the following resources to help you identify the correct tariff number and also verify your item is not a prohibited or restricted item: 

To find the latest service updates for shipments destined to Ireland visit An Post and for other tracking information, reference our blog post on how to track international packages

We are working closely with our partner carriers to ensure that we are passing on the correct customs information and will be sure to keep this blog updated as we learn more.